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Bio Energy Therapy

What is Bio Energy?

Bio Energy Therapy is a natural holistic treatment in the form of energy healing which works by, removing the energetic blocks to allow the life force energy to flow freely through the body. It reactivates the healing process and immune system in your body to enhance cellular regeneration so that your body can heal itself. If your energy field becomes blocked, there will be an imbalance in the body in the form of sickness.

Bio Energy Therapy has proven to be extremely effective in treating the following:

Strengthening the immune system

Clearing viruses

Clearing emotional energetic blockages



Increase in energy levels

Relieves anxiety, fear and worry

Restores the flow of energy throughout the body

Feeling balanced, safe and grounded.

What to expect during a Bio Energy Therapy session:

Sessions are conducted both in person and remotely from the comfort of your own home. The session lasts from 45 mins to one hour. The client is fully clothed throughout the session. I scan the body for energetic blockages and uses a series of protocols to energise, clear and balance the energy field allowing the client to feel deeply relaxed and calm.

A recommendation of four sessions is advisable depending on the client's issue. Sessions conducted via zoom or in-person. Please contact me with regards packages and pricing.

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