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About Lorraine

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Hi - I'm Lorraine!

I am a fully qualified Bio Energy Therapist, Integrated Energy Therapist, Theta Healing Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner and Shadow Work Coaching. All of these healing modalities help to heal Generational Trauma, reprogram your Belief Systems and unpack any suppressed emotions that you may be struggling with, in your life at the moment. 


Generational trauma is the transference of traumatic experiences or stressors from one generation to the next. Evidence has found that trauma can be passed between generations epigenetically, which means that trauma experienced by an ancestor might affect the way your genes are expressed. Common symptoms include, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger, and self-destructive behaviors. Trauma is unprocessed emotions stuck within the body, it is energy in motion and must be felt in order to heal it.

If you have been struggling and feeling stuck with Anxiety, Fear, Depression and it has been manifesting in your physical body and you would like support, I am here to help you bring balance back into your life.

If you don't speak up about your trauma, grief, anxiety and stress - your body will do the talking for you and let you know. Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion. Witness it. Allow it. Release it.

Please feel free to contact me with regards, pricing, packages or any questions you may have.

"Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and come forth later in uglier ways" - Sigmund Freud

Lorraine Sheehan

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Cork, Ireland and Worldwide

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