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Somatic Breathwork 

What is Somatic Breathwork

Somatic Breathwork is simply broken down as "Soma" which is the Greek word for 'of the body'. Our being is made up of two parts, We have the our mindset which is our psyche and our soma which is our body. As beings, we operate from our mind - we problem solve from here, we live from our minds. However, our soma's, our bodies, hold onto stress, tension and unprocessed emotions and traumas. It's the soma/body first where this stress gets lodged as we naturally instinct in the body first and foremost. When we take on too much stress, we become pressured to the point where we don't have the capacity within the soma to hold further stress and therefore we end up combusting. We therefore, become reactive as opposed to being responsive. With Somatic Breathwork, it allows us to express that pressure from our bodies through a series of breathing techniques - conscious connected breathing. To be Somatic means to be able to observe our internal sensations; noticing the movement of the body. When we live somatically, we are increasing our awareness or mindfulness of how 'we feel'' 

The session lasts for one hour and a half. The client is given an extensive explanation of what is entailed with the session and what to expect and is guided through the session with a series of cues specific for the session. By bringing the Soma into a sympathetic state to release the pressure, we then bring it back into a parasympathetic state to achieve equilibrium. 


Benefits of Somatic Breathwork are listed below. 

IET has proven to be extremely effective in treating the following but not limited to:

Reducing stress and fear

Treating trauma on a physical and emotional level

Promoting wellbeing and calmness

Releasing suppressed feelings

Supporting self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

What to expect during an IET session:

Sessions are conducted both in person and via zoom. While breathwork is generally safe for most individuals - there are however, some contraindications to this type of Breathwork. This practice is not suitable for people with certain medical conditions, such as respiratory or cardiovascular disorders and pregnant ladies (first trimester)

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